Anaganaga is Offering Superfood Bar’s at Just 10/- INR

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V&V Foods is a renowned name under the Anaganaga.The V&V Foods is based in Hyderabad and has been providing premium quality chikki at very affordable prices. It was stablished in August 2019 by Rajesh Vallala and Prashanth Vure to provide nutritional value foods blended with traditional food products. Rajesh has MBA in Marketing, and Prashanth hails from a business background. The duo collaborated and established to form Anaganaga. Anaganaga was inaugurated by Telugu Film Actor Karthikeya. 

V&V FOODS is a Manufacturing and Marketing Company that provides various range of products under one roof. It is primarily known for manufacturing health-based food products. The products come with high nutritional value traditional food products. Some of the products that are offered by V&V include;

  • Anaganaga- Peanut Moringa Chikki

Chikki is a traditional ready-to-eat Indian sweet made from peanuts and jaggery. Anaganaga’s Peanut Moringa Chikki is made from Moringa, which makes it different from all other chikkis that are already present in the market. With the bliss and goodness of Moringa, it is delicious and nutritious. It is also called Desi Energy Bar due to the energy and calories that it holds. 

The founders say, It is far better and healthier than junk food or fried food, unlike chips and crackers it does not impact health in a negative way.”

  • Anaganaga- Peanut Spirulina Chikki

Another product of Anaganaga is the Peanut Spirulina Chikki is a Nutri Rich Protein Bar is a superfood. What makes it different is the Spirulina added into my chikki, which makes it more delicious and tastier. Along with the taste, it also has medicinal properties that boosts immunity and is easily digestible. Loaded with various nutritional benefits such as proteins, Micro Nutrients, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamin A, Beta Carotene, Iron, and Calcium that act as immunity boosters and energy-cum-performance enhancers.

Founders say, Spirulina Chikki is a nutritional powerhouse that can make your body super strong from within.”

Both the products at available on the official website of Anaganaga and on offline stores such as Ayurvedic and Organic Stores, Bakeries, General Stores, Chemist stores etc. The Moringa Leaf has medicinal properties and is rich in various vitamins and minerals, and Spirulina Powder, which is seaweed-based, is rich in protein. The energy bars are offered at 10/- INR. 

Every Snack has a Story is what Anaganaga believes in. Sharing the best health-based foods, it has become a leading Indian FMCG Confectionary brand.

The products manufactured at Anaganaga are highly researched and developed under expert supervision in world-class facilities. From product research, product development, product manufacturing to the product sale, everything is mentored and done by professionals. The team says, “Our formula is unique. We have improved the existing product and increased the nutrition value of the existing products.” Anaganaga is a customer-centric company, and they make sure that the product they serve match the health standards as the company’s target customer segment is the horizon of health-conscious people. The sector and people that are currently being served by them include gym and yoga practicing people. Hospitals, Schools, Institutes and software companies. A wide range of people are eating these healthy chikkis. The quality that the company has served over the period has provided Anaganaga’s V&V Foods with a customer base of satisfied and loyal customers. 

The main challenge that they face is of quality. To provide quality products at affordable prices because there is a range of identical products available in the market that are Added with preservatives, artificial colours, or additives, less fibre, less protein, lack of minerals and vitamins. But Anaganaga, to overcome such malpractices and solve the problem of malnutrition and vitamin deficiency, chooses super foods like Anaganaga- Peanut Moringa Chikki and Anaganaga- Peanut Spirulina Chikki.

Anaganaga’s V&V Food has a huge presence in Andhra Pradesh, Telanagana and adjoining states now. They wish to expand pan India offline. On an offline basis, their products can be ordered from Amazon and other e-commerce portals.

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