Aman Rathod- Mr. Vadodara and Valiant sport’s brand ambassador

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In 2014, during the first season of the Valiant Premier League (VPL), the name Aman Rathod made waves across the country. The entire tournament was broadcast on DD National Sports Channel, and Aman, as the season’s star performer, drew everyone’s attention and was praised by many cricket fans for his skill and style. In 2021, he was crowned “Mr. Vadodara,” and he appeared in numerous advertisements as well as signed as the brand ambassador for Valiant Sports.

Aman was born in the Gujarati city of Vadodara on June 16, 1993. He has had a strong interest in sports and bodybuilding since he was a child. He was drawn to cricket and enjoyed playing it, and his enthusiasm grew over time, prompting Aman to pursue a career in cricket. He has dedicated a lot of time and effort to mastering the game and improving his skills. His efforts were never in vain, and it was only because of this dedicated hard work that he was able to achieve success in such a short period of time. His involvement with Valiant sports was a defining moment for him. He played for the Valiant team from 2011 to 2014, and he was a member of the team in the first season of the VPL and his brilliant performance in the season brought him a lot of name and fame.

Aman developed an interest in bodybuilding and dreamed of pursuing a career as a bodybuilder in addition to cricket. In the beginning, Aman had to overcome numerous challenges and persevere through a period of adversity in his life. His dreams were thwarted by financial constraints, which were like a stumbling block between him and a bodybuilding career. The process of body building is not an easy one. One has to exercise with heavy equipment in a sophisticated gym that has all the amenities, and a proper and strict diet has to be followed. But this has to do with a great amount of money. Aman had to work in an optical showroom to meet both ends. Due to the inadequate salary, he had to switch to a marketing job that required him to travel long distances. Even in the midst of such a hectic schedule, he used to rush to the gym whenever he finds free time and focus on body building. All his sincere efforts provided him with the well-deserved title of Mr. Vadodara. He was also a recipient of the Nation’s Icon Award, which was awarded to him in recognition of his prominence in body building. Recently, Aman attended as a chief guest for the jersey launch event of the Valiant team and accepted to be the face of the movement by Valiant Sports that finds talented cricketers in rural backgrounds.

His passion for body building and his genuine efforts made him what he is today. One would never forget the path one has trodden on. Aman, who has faced financial problems in his early stages, is now extending cooperation to economically weaker aspirants by training them for free. He usually says that one must completely dedicate himself to achieving what he dreams of and states that this is his success mantra. He is now preparing for Mr. Vadodara in 2022.

Contact details: Instagram: @amanrathodreal


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