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Aman Rathee – A young music artist carving his distinct niche with his exceptional work.

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Aman’s unique taste of music making has found him wide appreciation, with many artists queuing up to work with him.

Some people are born to rule the roost with their immense talent and drive towards their respective fields. Many are deeply inclined towards their craft, and their passion gets them to towering heights in whichever field they choose. Music is one such profession which has seen umpteen number of talented individuals making their mark and growing big owing to their drive and love towards rhythms and melodies. We have amongst us one such talent named Aman Rathee who has indeed aced in his music profession and is growing inch by inch towards more success.

There’s no dearth of talent in the music industry, but some have raced ahead of all and made their own space amidst the competitive environment and Aman is one of them. According to this young artist, making music is no easy task and one has to dwell deep to get the best out of it, says the talented young artist. Music is a collection of coordinated sound or sounds and making music is the process of putting these assorted sounds and tunes in an order, combining them to create a magical unified composition. “Making music is a magical experience which is truly healing,” informs Aman, who had been drawn towards music since his young days and learnt it to its core while growing up, only to reach this commanding position he demands today.

We ask this young powerhouse of talent from Rohtak, Haryana, as to how he got inclined towards this craft and made it his career going ahead in life. “Since I was around 11-12 years, writing became my passion and I wrote a whole lot of songs, shayari’s and other compositions, experimenting with different beats and instruments,” says Aman. Present day he has grown into a fine artist having worked with a host of artists of Geetmp3 team like Jass Manak, Karan Randhawa and CJ Dhillon. He’s got a huge fan following on popular social media platform Instagram which amounts to more than 50k, which is quite impressive. Surprisingly, many celebrities are amongst his follower list, which says much about his credibility as an artist. Apart from making music, he’s also well versed with the workings of digital marketing and manages a host of verified accounts online. With many upcoming projects in the pipeline, ready to see the light of the day soon, Aman Rathee is soon going to hit stardom and be amongst the top league of music artists. Stay tuned for more on him in coming months.


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