Aman Fashion and lifestyle influencer inspiring young generation across social media

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Who Is Aman pratap singh?

Aman is an Indian Content Creator, Blogger, and Social Media Influencer. He is popularly known for his fashion and lifestyle content which is appreciated by all.

Aman has collaborated with many national & international brands. He has a huge fan following on his social media platforms.

He was born on 26 august 2001 in jaunpur .and as of now he is 20 years old.

How this journey started?

Aman says that he started this journey in 2017and in the early days he loved clicking photos and he used to click a lot of  photos and share on his social media Facebook.

One day, one of his friends told him about Instagram and that’s where the journey started.

His 2-3 Instagram accounts have also been hacked but he did not give up and continued to follow his passion with full dedication and diligence.

And today he has more than 1 lakh followers on Instagram. .

Aman says that I am a resident of a small village Kailawar and it is very difficult to do all this while staying in the village.

In the early days, people made fun of him and even demotivated him, but his family and friend is very supoortive  from the beginning and today he has reached this point.

Aman says that no matter what the work is, if it is done with full dedication and perseverance, success will surely come one day or the other.

Aman pratap singh Education:

Aman did his early studies from the village and later he’s doing  BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application).

How did aman become so popular?

Almost 4 years ago ,aman  made his instagram account and then he edited and posted the photo which was very attractive and related to fashion category.

As you know, Since many years ago Amazon is a very popular e-commerce plateform.Aman join amazon influencer program and start working on it.

In starting he used to edit photos via Picsart apps and then he used to uploads those photos on instagram and at that time aman has a very less number of followers and all the followers appreciate aman’s content

This thing continues and a lot of people starting liking the aman’s content.

How much does Aman pratap singh  earn in the month?

Aman main income source is brand promotion through he makes a lot of money.

he earn average of 50-70k per month from of all sources.

Aman pratap singh has unique style than others, which is good and making him different than other influencers in the market. His fashion sense is good; it’s like every new post becomes and a new trend in the market. He is building network everywhere in the  fashion work, brands and business people, which is increasing his reach to top people. One thing is sure he is going to be a top influencer in the coming years from India on social media platforms like Instagram & amazon.

how amazon push aman to fulfilled her dream.

Aman wanted to make fashion base content but was not able to afford it then he got selected in amazon influencer program and was now able to make his favourite content and from then never look back he also gained so much fame on amazon he is followed by many users on amazon where he teaches mens fashion and styling.

aman is also on famous celebrity plateform like tring,celebyte,celewish






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