Alix Burton on How His Online Training Platform Aims To Help People Create, Manage, and Scale Their Trucking Business

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Alix Burton is a phenomenon of sorts in the trucking business. What started as a small endeavor in 2012 has gone on to become a fleet of 100 trucks, a dispatch service, and an online consultation platform that aims to help people create, manage, and scale their trucking business. Here’s more.

The first step is half the story. The rest is how to capitalize on the first step. Alix’s online training helps you do both. He says, “My online course is designed in a way that it has something for everyone—from experienced individuals to newbies. In my three-pronged strategy of create-manage-scale, create is the step that helps people understand the business, feel its core, align it with their strengths, and once all the pieces are in place, take the plunge.”

He further adds, “The course has been designed to give people a sense of freedom and self-reliability at the same time. It requires mastering the business of trucking at all levels. And by master, I mean understanding all aspects of the business like locating and obtaining equipment, hiring drivers, obtaining dedicated contracts and lanes, booking loads, safety and compliance guides, finding vendors, and most important of all, learning to develop an environment where employees feel like a part of the company’s success so that they are there when things go south.”

After you have set up the business, what next? Alix says, “Well, before any problem starts to go belly up on you, look for things that require lifetime management. Here they are—people, time, and money. People, your employees and partners, are the ones who will help you save time and generate revenues. My online training platform teaches you how to do that. With more than 15 interactive training modules, 25+ easy-to-access pdfs on related topics, and more, you can learn how to ace all aspects of business management.”
Alix’s website, Good Energy Worldwide, shares loads of information on the business of trucking. It’s also where interested individuals can sign up for his online courses. According to the website, “The American Trucking Association, on an average, generates annual revenue of $700 billion for the trucking industry. A truck has a yearly earning potential of $120,000 to $180,000.” Alix adds, “The good thing about the trucking business is that there’s no cap to financial success. Once you master the first two steps, you are well on your way to financial freedom.”

With patience, perseverance, and passion, Alix has made heads turn. Now, he wishes to help others do the same.

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