Alfredo Barulli Is a Name to Reckon With in the Digital Marketing and Lead Generation Business

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To get into any business industry is no walk in the park. People may have to face many challenges and hurdles in their way to reach the success they desire. Some people may even take time to realize what exactly their heart seeks and others may just go with the flow, utilizing every opportunity that may come in their way. Alfredo Barulli from Italy belongs to the latter category, where he started working at a very early age in the fitness world as a personal trainer, then moved to Dubai for better opportunities in the same. He attained great success at it and left personal training to become a Spa manager. However, taking up challenges was what he always enjoyed and hence, he got into online marketing and, reading a best-seller, he built his first sales funnel. It became a huge success and he left Dubai for his aim to travel the world and become a location-independent entrepreneur.

Alfredo Barulli started documenting his adventures and travels on Instagram and Facebook. People wanted help from him to build their sales funnel online and run their FB ads campaign for achieving success. To become better at building marketing funnels, Alfredo Barulli joined ClickFunnels and also spent hundreds of dollars in mentorship from the top marketing and advertising experts. After he felt ready, he quit ClickFunnels and opened his first firm 10X Experts Agency, the very first digital marketing agency for Experts wanting to grow online. He built this agency to help high ticket coaches and consultants to get more clients and achieve the success they desire.

Going further to help more people and support local businesses to gain local clients, Alfredo Barulli launched Experts in Local Marketing ( for generating more leads for them. He is also the brain behind the first search engine for tropical destinations named Tropical Advisor, giving the best deals to people on tropical destinations worldwide, scanning 6 million hotels and flights per minute.

Helping people turn successful and travelling the world, Alfredo Barulli became an ace luxury hotel and resort influencer, leveraging the resources of social media and his growing followers to help hotels gain a minimum of 10 hotel inquiries per day up to 500 inquiries per day together with his posts and stories on Instagram and article on Tropic Advisor and they also get featured on the Top 4 hotels of the month. Alfredo Barulli currently is a resident of the Canary Islands, Spain, but with his influencing and entrepreneurial skills has been making a name for himself worldwide. On top of that, hotels worldwide want to partner with him to get featured on Tropic Advisor.

Highlighting what excites him the most about his business, Alfredo Barulli says, “The fact that every week I am sleeping in a different place”. Every week he is in a different hotel or resort, enjoying the best of each tropical country he visits. According to hotel & resorts requests from that country, he moves to a different country every 6 months. His digital marketing agency also runs almost on autopilot, thanks to his reliable team at both his firms.

All he does is close clients and give it to the team so that they can build the funnels and marketing campaigns or grow their Instagram. Alfredo Barulli offers ‘done for you’ lead generation services, which has turned him into a leading entrepreneur, digital marketer and influencer.

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