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Alex Hudock Empowers Divorced Men to Take Back Their Lives

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In 2020, Alex Hudock embraced his calling. For years he has helped men take control of their dating lives and find the women they were always meant to be with. With the rise of the pandemic, Alex chose to go all in on helping men thrive while most were merely surviving. Through this experience he found his most successful clients: divorced men.

According to various studies, the three most common causes of divorce are conflict, arguing, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship, lack of commitment, infidelity, and lack of physical intimacy. The least common reasons are lack of shared interests and incompatibility between partners. Those are enough to leave someone with what feels like a back breaking burden of self doubt.Divorce is an incredibly difficult situation to navigate. It often involves loss, arguments, emotional distress, and more.

But what if it didn’t need to?

This is exactly what Alex teaches.

What made you become a dating coach?

Everyone experiences heartbreak at least once in their life. We all know how it quickly spirals into a depression that isn’t easy to break out of. If I can help you rebound faster, and in a healthy manner, then I’ve done something good.

My mantra has always been: If I can help two people better their lives, then my existence on this Earth has been worth it.

At this point, I’ve far surpassed my goal by helping hundreds of men. Instead of being content with that, I’ve chosen to keep pushing forward and reach as many men as possible.

How did you end up helping divorced men?

Quite frankly, I fell into it. I began helping men with dating back in college. It was more out of passion than anything. As I grew older and saw the results of my teachings, I decided to lean into it.

What I found was that I was most successful in helping older gentlemen (40+). I effectively communicated to them how our evolving digital world works in an actionable way without being cumbersome.

The pandemic truly revealed this to me. Being locked inside, forced to navigate relationships through dating apps instead of face-to-face interactions, there were far too many people lost on how to adapt.

Everyone deserves a happy relationship, and if I could help get someone there, I want to.

What is your favorite success story?

One client, let’s call him Mike [actual name redacted], was 44. He was exiting a 13-year marriage and struggled to get back on his feet. His wife was the only woman he had ever been with, so he felt lost navigating the dating marketplace.

The biggest struggle he had was constructing a good dating profile. Having never done this before, he was utterly overwhelmed. We worked on building him a dating profile, text, and managing time so dating apps were fun instead of being a chore.

Within a month, he complained to me about having “too many dates to handle.” Can you imagine!? Too many dates!?

Sure, it was a jest, but it hit me deep that I was able to turn someone’s life around so quickly.

What are the biggest mistakes you see men make while dating?

For the average guy, I would say it’s not taking the initiative. Those men tend to wait for life to happen instead of taking their future into their own hands. Sure, there will be stumbles, but you can’t find what you always wanted without stumbles.

For the older, divorced men, it tends to be fear of the same thing happening again. But with the confidence and control of who you are as a person, why would it? Learning and enforcing boundaries is one of the best ways to become grounded. I absolutely love this topic and dive deep into it with clients.

What are the main things you teach men as they reenter the dating market?

  1. Be yourself. And I mean that seriously. After the first date with my current girlfriend, I asked her: “At what moment did you know you were attracted to me?” Her response: “When you told me about your Korean video game and just the passion you spoke about it with really turned me on.” I have been playing this game for seven years, and I wasn’t afraid to share it. Being passionate about who you are is attractive. Lean into it.
  2. Don’t get discouraged. You will get rejected more times than you can count. It’s just a fact of life. Think about how many people you meet day-to-day that you just don’t like. Don’t take rejection personally. Move on and continue being YOU.
  3. Invest in yourself. If you wanted to become a master blacksmith, would you practice blacksmithing yourself, or would you learn from a master blacksmith? Don’t overcomplicate things. Invest in a coach so you can reach your goals quicker. Chasing your tail often leads to burnout. If you genuinely want to fix an aspect of your life, truly commit to it.

How can people find you?




Message me any questions on Instagram. As I said before, this is a passion. I want people to be happy.


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