ALANNA Launches World’s first Lip Wash™.

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Indias first specialised lip care brand is now on the path of creating an innovative category in the beauty industry – Lip Wash™. 

The lips have ultra-thin skin compared to the rest of the facial skin. Keeping in mind the wholesome lip care needs, ALANNA has introduced the Worlds First Lip Wash. Lip Wash is an Aqua-based foam solution formulated with high-performing Actives for deep cleansing, intense hydration, and lip lightening.

Filling the void 

While there is no shortage of products available to exfoliate, hydrate & moisturise lips, Beauty Industry was missing out on a fundamental and crucial step of the lip care regimen – Cleansing. 

With the current covid-19 outbreak, hygiene has become a necessity. But we always forget Lip skin cleansing is as crucial as the rest of skin cleansing. And no lip hygiene product is available in the market right now.  

Lip Wash™ fills the void by adding the first step in the lip care regimen.

Well pondered upon problems.

Rashi, the founder of ALANNA, realises the struggles everyones lips went through. 

Whenever she struggled with dry, chapped, and pigmented lips, she noticed poor lip hygiene as the root cause. At present, there are lip oils, wipes and balm-based cleansers, but no aqua-based lip cleaning product is available. Usually, people use Face Wash to cleanse their lips. The primary objective of Face Wash ingredients is to cleanse the rough facial skin. Ingredients are not Lip-safe and make lip skin dry. 

Lip Wash was the only solution.

Every lip problem is thoroughly researched and studied by Rashi while keeping in mind the ultra-sensitive Lip skins requirements. Accordingly, mild organic certified surfactants, thick & silky foam, & food-grade flavours are used. And well-researched Lab proven, rinse-off Actives Alpha-Arbutin, Ferulic Acid & PHA Lactobionic Acid are incorporated in the lip wash solution. To address the most common lip problems – pigmentation & dryness.

There are many Actives available in the market, but very few Actives are there for wash-off products. As for wash-off products, Actives need to be high performing with long-lasting effects. 

All of this is accomplished within eight months of the R & D period.

 The product has lip-safe ingredients and is dermatologically tested. The formula used in Lip Wash is patent pending.

ALANNA is on the path to solving each of your lip care problems. Lip wash is the first step! 

Lip Wash is available in 2 variants – Men & Women.

Men Lip Wash has been formulated with Powerful Actives 0.5% Ferulic Acid & 1% PHA Lactobionic Acid comes for Intense Lightening & Hydrating of Lips. It comes in blue colour with cool spearmint flavour & fragrance.  

Women Lip Wash has been formulated with gentle Actives 0.5% Alpha Arbutin & 1% PHA Lactobionic Acid for Lightening and Hydrating of Lips. It comes in light pink colour with strawberry flavour & fragrance. The Lip Wash comes with a premium silicone lip brush to remove long-lasting Lipstick & exfoliate tough lip stains and is priced at Rs. 1,299. ALANNAs holistic lip care range also consists of Lip ButterMask, Lip Balms, and Lip Scrubs.

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