AL – LINA Publication Founded By Nuzrath Jahan From Chennai, Tamilnadu, India Is Been Hailed As The Best Publishing Service Provider From South India.

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AL – LINA Publication is the Independent International publishing platform and the writing community registered under Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME India) and certified under International Organisation for Standardization (ISO 9001 : 2015)

AL – LINA Publication was  started and running by the young woman entrepreneur with the mission of “Write with passion, We are here for your dreams.” 

Since it’s been started with the unique ideas and ways within the very few days, AL – LINA Publication created more new authors to get published over the worldwide. It pays the ways for the young and beginner writers to get published. Also, within a few days, AL – LINA Publication has been hailed as the best publication service provider among the writers and published authors. It’s mainly known for its book cover designing and book formatting, which is being much talked among the writers.


Being the biggest admirer of this world and the surrounding people, Nuzrath Jahan became a writer at the age of 9. Living the life of creativity, her passion had eyes only on writing. Whenever the world pushes her into fake beings, the words flow over the pages describing the true souls around her.

At the age of 14, her fond over mathematics made her do an article on a biography of “Kanitha medhai Ramanujam”, which got published in the “Dailythandhi” Tamil newspaper. Being the writer at her young age, that article encouraged and inspired her much to grow in the writing industry.

Over the thousands of strange scribbles of hers, some were published in many anthologies. Also, she has compiled a few books as like “Soul holds the pen…”, “Throne of dreams”, “Ride towards valentine” and more under her own publication, which has been available on amazon worldwide.

She is not only the writer, also the most passionate and multi-talented person with various hidden talents inside her. As a graphic designer, fashion designer, artist, motivational speaker and much more. And today, the entrepreneur as a publisher. Simply she is the queen of all trades in this modern world whom to be inspired by many as a role model.

Being the published author and compiler, she found difficulties faced by the beginner writers who wanted themself to be published to the world and become the author. Thus, she decided to support the writers by turning their dreams into reality, which made her to establish her own publication “AL – LINA PUBLICATION” with the mission of “Write with passion, We are here for your dreams”.

With her friendly cooperation, kindness and supportive nature, she builds the great impact of her publication on the writer’s heart. Beyond the founder, she is well known among the people by her gratitude and kindness.

With the inspiration of writing from her childhood, she made her own publication that turns dream of many to come to live. Also, she made her future plans to turn this world to get a great impact on her passion to write.

In simple words, Nuzrath Jahan is the deary sweet heart with passionate soul…

Follow her and contact her in Instagram @myquotes_feel_it


AL – LINA Publication is the MSME and ISO 9001 : 2015 certified Independent International publishing platform and the writing community in the name of Soul holds the pen from south India, Tamilnadu. It is a hub of creative people from various countries.

Soul holds the pen is the writing community, initiated by the AL – LINA Publication and team. As the name of this community has been inspired from the book that is been published as the very first book by the publication. Thus, more than 150+ writers were the part of this community where they celebrate their passion of writing by scribbling over different topics on daily basis… This community gives them the platform to explore themself in a various way and enjoys their participations over the surprises and gifts, presented by the community. Here every person were treated as the family and always enjoys their companion with the whole team and the writers.

Being created and started by a single woman at its early stage, it has grown now with a group of members, where the team is treated as their own family. They are not only trained for good and knowledgeable service providing but also to treat the customers and writers with kind and friendly. As AL – LINA is known for its respect and kindness, even members can’t tolerate the disrespect and careless attitude towards anybody.

Every writer has the opportunity with AL – LINA Publication to get them published not only at nominal rates but also for free with limited services. 

Self publishing of books on online platform has become trend and successful over the authors and writers, where they can do top to bottom by themself and also get published at zero cost. Why can’t the traditional publishers do so? But AL – LINA Publication provides the same platform to publish themself at “zero cost” with the limited service, which includes book formatting and book cover designing. Doesn’t this the great offer, where overall works can fall under no cost and even get benefited from that?…

AL – LINA Publication is known for its book cover designing and book formatting, which is being much talked among the writers. And also for publishing the book in short span of time with great quality and service.

Yes, AL – LINA Publication always tries to pay way to make impossible turning possible.

In few days, AL – LINA has published over 30+ anthologies and 10+ solo books which created 1000+ authors from various countries. And now people were longing to work and publish under AL – LINA Publication.


While we fall down on seeking support, we bounce back to provide as much as support as we can.

We never believe in making money, we believe in creative minds, quality, satisfication and people.

Your satisfication makes our happiness.

We are proud to honour the true deserving minds.

Making others to grow in their dream, we reach our dream destination undoubtedly.

We never force anybody to come for us, we do and give our best that makes eveyone to turn at us…

We believe in you, Trust us and “Write with passion, we are here for your dream.”



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Instagram : @allina_publication @allina_anthology


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