Akinde Bayo, a sports influencer, plans to make a remarkable impact on the real estate industry.

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We live in a digital age where social media and influencers play an essential role in the sports industry. From legendary players to famous coaches, there are different ways for an individual to make a name for themselves in this industry. And with the advent of social media and its constant presence in our lives, influencers have also played an important role. Today, influencers have emerged as another tool for brands and companies to promote their products or services and help their followers leverage arising trends. Sports have presented ample opportunities for influencers to thrive, and they have seized the opportunity.

Nigerian-born Akinde Gbenga Bayo is one such influencer who has grown a huge fan base in the sports industry. Born in Ikere Ekiti and raised in Lagos, Akinde’s love for sports began while watching football games with his father every weekend. With a passion for all things related to sports, it wasn’t long before he began to try his hand at it. Years later, Akinde rose from the starting-off phase to become one of the most notable influencers in the sports industry. His social media presence has made him popular not just in Nigeria but across the globe. His fanbase number is over 415K and growing on Twitter. He also has a significant following on Instagram.

Thruway Realty Limited’s CEO, Akinde, is a well-known Nigerian entrepreneur. His company specializes in real estate services and the management of residential and industrial estates. Alongside his real estate venture, Akinde has earned several achievements, including being the best sports analyst of Ikere Ekiti State in 2013. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and is a real estate investor in Lagos.

Akinde attributes his success to hard work, passion, and determination. He believes that to achieve anything, one must always persevere and give it his all to achieve anything. He is also very committed to providing excellent service to his clients through managing his companies, so he always tries to work as a team player.

One of the things he initially invested in was a betting firm, where he suffered huge losses. Because he lacked the experience and knowledge about betting, he lost almost everything and almost gave up. However, with perseverance and determination, Akinde decided to pay close attention to what he was doing, so he read several books on the subject, improved his skills, and started winning. He finally was able to acquire $30 Million on the Sporty Bet.

 Having gained a lot of knowledge and experience with the Sporty Bet, Akinde later diversified his business portfolio by diversifying into several other ventures. He plans to build an empire and achieve great success. Akinde, by his admission, is driven by passion, and nothing can stop him from achieving his goals.


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