Adore Models and Vikram Bawa’s Latest Campaign Inspires Natural Beauty, Inclusivity and Empowerment.

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Adore Models, one of Mumbai’s largest talent managing agencies collaborates with Vikram Bawa, an award winning fashion, advertising and landscape photographer to capture raw beauty and fierceness.

Adore Models reached out to real people who once wanted to become actors, become people who wanted the spotlight but missed their chance because society, responsibilities, and life got in the way. Whether it’s a child with down syndrome, limited by his disabilities, or a man who needed to give up his dream to support his family, Adore Models provided a platform for these starry-eyed people who didn’t believe they had a chance anymore. Vikram Bawa provided them with a makeover, to help them feel like the stars they really are.

These photographs are a breath of fresh air for people across the world who will be able to look at them and see genuine smiles, dreams and aspirations behind the eyes of each subject, and real fierceness that they carry with them each and every day. 

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Nishant Jadhwani, Founder & CEO, Adore Models says, “As the founder of a very versatile talent management agency, and as someone who has spent a lot of time manoeuvring the ins and outs of the modelling industry, I strongly feel that representation of real people, and real stories is missing. It’s time that we have an open conversation about authenticity. We are glad we could use this campaign as an opportunity to give a voice to the people who really deserve it.”

Adding to the same Vikram Bawa shares, “This campaign allows us to move towards a direction that allows off-beat to become mainstream. Blurring or rather, merging the boundaries between how it should be and how it really is.”


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