Adore By Priyanka empowers artisans’ lives by giving Handmade Jewelry an online platform

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India’s culture is diverse and varied, and each culture has its importance. Each culture has its own set of traditions and ways of behaving. India is renowned as the ‘Golden Bird,’ and throughout its long history, monarchs and queens wear jewelry that reflected their personalities. However, in today’s era of technology, the essence and beauty of handmade jewelry are vanishing as the entire globe has gone to the world of the internet, leaving our craftsmen behind in reaching the vast networking market. To give such talent livelihood and encourage them, Jewelry Brand ‘Adore By Priyanka’ has successfully provided such artisans and their handmade jewelry an online platform.

The brand, known for its natural stone jewelry, was incepted by two incredible duos, Sudhir Kumar & Priyanka Krishnan. ‘Adore by Priyanka’ was started to promote handmade jewelry. Within a few years, it grew so well that the brand emerged as an online store popularly known as ‘’ Having a strong social media presence, Adore is India’s largest online platform for natural stone jewelry. Being from a technical background, Sudhir oversees the business operations & technology, whereas Priyanka heads the Marketing & Design Units, having years of expertise in their respective fields.

Currently, Adore by Priyanka has over 500 artisans employed and has improved the diminishing livelihood of their families. They take pride in improvising the lifestyle quality of their artisans, who are well paid compared to peers. They are very passionate about e-commerce and committed to bringing luxury to Indians. To give a world-class experience to Indians to shop natural stone jewelry sitting in the comfort of home, they launched their store online.

Talking about the brand and helping artisans, the founders stated, “We started this brand to give artisans a platform to come and show their talent. People love to wear high-weighted jewelry for functions but a normal day out; they struggle to choose what to wear. Here, Adore By Priyanka comes as a savior as the jewels made by us are made up of stone, and the artisans carefully rectify each stone. We are happy to see such positive feedback and love customers show for Adore. With continuous R&D investments, Adore is spearheading the natural stone industry in India. Our jewelry is made of natural stones (mainly handmade) with a superior quality brass as a base metal and offers the best product quality at an affordable price range.”

With a customer-centric approach, Adore by Priyanka wants to build a place where people can find and discover any jewelry they might want to buy online. This online platform is guided by four main principles; customer obsession, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. With so many things on the platter, they are constantly rushing to help artisans in any way possible. With increased demand from the US and Europe, they are focused on expanding operations to the international market with an objective of 25 Cr revenue by 2025. Therefore, this will improve the livelihood of an additional 500 Indian artisans in the coming future.


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