According To Steven Hooley, Your Mindset Determines Your Success

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Our thoughts determine our destiny. With the right perspective, you can create the successful future you dream of. Steven Hooley believes that everything is a mindset, and our experiences are the byproduct of what we think.

As a child, Steven’s grandfather introduced him to computers. His tech obsession grew into the Saas technology company he runs today, where Steven is innovating and consulting across multiple industries. But, of all the challenges he’s faced, he says his primary objective is to cultivate the right mindset. “I’m a big believer in ‘everything in moderation…’ If it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive,” says Steven Hooley.

Steven recognizes the value in aiming high to fill your bank account. Maintaining peace and gaining financial wealth aren’t incompatible. In fact, he says paying the price for a mentor’s guidance can help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls. You can’t be perfect at everything, and you don’t need to be. But don’t give up because persistence pays off. Steven also warns against people who are “too nice.” Above all, if help is free, question the motives. Almost everything in life costs you something.

When Steven was 7, he made a personal commitment to turn from the life of trauma he knew and create for himself a better future. Now, through his own mentorship program, he guides others to help them do the same. “It’s not enough to have success in this world for ourselves. I believe if you have more than you need, you should start helping others. Help them find their peace, help them find opportunities, help them learn and grow,” says Steven Hooley. For Steven, success starts by putting your ego aside. When you are able to get out of your own way, you can operate from a space of peace and abundance.

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