Abhilash Rout & Esther Mahima Sarkar-The Founders Of Web Story India And Purpose Go Viral.

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Abhilash Rout is the founder and Esther Mahima Sarkar is the CEO of Purpose Go Viral Production House and recently Abhilash Rout also became the founder of one the most popular news portal of India-Web Story India News Portal and currently the co-founder of the news portal is Esther Mahima Sarkar.

What Is Web Story India News Portal?

Web Story India founded by Abhilash Rout and Esther Mahima Sarkar has established themselves as one of the most reliable Indian news sources because they are not limited to any one genre. It has emerged as one-stop digital news website for internet users based in India as well as other countries. Users find it easy to navigate and read the news based on their interests which results in a large increase in traffic.

Abhilash Rout and Esther Mahima Sarkar are the founders of Web Story India.

It publishes content regularly and manages to provide its users with regular posts and trending updates that can establish a grasp on its readers. Many well-known and respected people have been featured and praised Web Story India.

What Is Purpose Go Viral?

A Production House where short movies which basically comprises of the themes of today’s scenario are shot, edited and released.

A platform which has given recognition to many deserving artist, the platform which has also become the source of income for many artists.

A Production house which is just basically like a start-up company without any Collaboration, Sponsorship or any other kind of help, growing up on it’s own with the hardwork, labour and efforts of it’s members.

We too have a You Tube channel on the name of ‘PURPOSE GO VIRAL‘ where these short movies are uploaded.

About The Founders

Abhilash Rout

Abhilash Rout is from Cuttack, Odisha. He has completed his graduation in B.Com with Accounts Honours.
He is preparing for competitive exams too. He has been working for the welfare of the weaker sections of the society.
Writing has been a part of expressing his feelings & his thoughts into words.
He is working in Odia film industry as an actor, story writer and assistant director.

He is the Head of a Production House named as Purpose Go Viral which was awarded with Best Innovative & Creative Award In Production Industry In The Year 2021 works for Entertainment Purposes on different social issues.

He has taken part in more than 170 anthologies which includes international anthologies too.

He is the MD of India’s Best Publishing Startup Inkzoid Foundation.

He is the winner of Amazing Book of Records, Indian Book Of Records, India Star Award 2021, Indian Professional Award 2020, Vajra World Records and High Range of Records.

Esther Mahima Sarkar

Esther Mahima Sarkar is from Pakur, Jharkhand. She has completed her graduation in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing). She has worked in the hospital as a Nursing Officer and presently she is continuing her work as a Nursing Tutor. She has done Junior Diploma in North Indian Music. She loves writing too which reflects her love towards literature.
She is a person who is always ready to help others in need.

She is the CEO of the Production House named as Purpose Go Viral which was awarded with Best Innovative & Creative Award In Production Industry In The Year 2021 works for entertainment purposes on different social issues.


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