Aashifa Saleem, a Dubai resident, has launched her dream project to assist home grown businesses

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Normalcy has returned, with the hope to revive small homegrown businesses. Small companies were already damaged by damp festive seasons due to the virus and economic misery induced by the closure last year. However, with Christmas and the New Year approaching, local businesses, particularly those who provide specialized services and goods, should expect a rebound. It’s also an excellent platform for boosting the local economy.
Keeping the existing perspective in mind, Dubai-based businesswoman Aashifa Saleem has created Passionpreneurs Hub, a platform for small homegrown businesses that is an attempt to assist small homegrown businesses in the registration process. Small businesses will also benefit from this community’s assistance in building innovative advertising techniques and increasing profits. A dream project is an opportunity for an individual to shine and demonstrate their abilities. The chance will directly boost the local market economy while also creating jobs.
“It is a dream come true to create such a platform,” Aashifa Saleem, Founder, Passionpreneurs Hub, said of her new enterprise launch. Small businesses have incurred significant losses as a result of the pandemic. As a result, our primary goal is to develop a platform that will assist in increasing business revenue. We will start with a tiny exhibition platform to practice selling products and services provided by small vendors. I’ve walked the path from usher to entrepreneur and understand what it takes to get to the level you desire. My goal is to make the process easier for aspiring local business owners by learning from others’ experiences. The assistance doesn’t have to be limited to a single day; instead, it can be a never-ending stream of support for years to come. As a result, I decided to start Passionpreneurs Hub.
Aashifa Saleem is a Bangalore native who presently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She’s been working in the event industry for almost 15 years. She engaged in multiple roles, including event host, artist coordinator, and sponsorship sales, and became an expert in event management. All of this experience finally equipped her to manage intellectual property events for a variety of organisations. Her ability to communicate well helped her land jobs as an oratrix and a fashion model. After a successful career in events, she had the idea to create a platform where people who had not been able to advance in their careers could come together under one roof and learn.
Aashifa Saleem further adds, “To win, you got to risk loss, and we will ensure we will win together. We’re here to create history and provide small businesses with top-notch quality, to our clients and vendors as well. The idea is to learn to strategize and spread the word throughout the world via numerous channels and platforms to ensure the optimum usage for their products and services. We will create a platform where we will discuss the benefits and draw attention to the drawbacks, indulge in talk shows to set your brand apart from the competition. We’ve come to connect with the most relevant channels in order to meet and greet investors and establish a proper funding opportunity and growth arena”

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