Aaron Branch Tips: How To Create Video Ads That Get Watched

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According to Think with Google, video is one of the most effective ways to advertise today. 

Aaron Branch, the author of The First 365 and CEO of Social Agendas, says that video ads provide an immersive and interactive experience for the viewer and offer potential customers a deeper understanding of a brand’s messaging. He would know because Social Agendas spent over £10 million on Facebook and Instagram ads over his career and served over 200 clients in 2020 alone. As a marketer himself, he admits to always trying to influence emotions through his messages. Videos can arouse all kinds of emotions and allow you to communicate your brand’s personality.  

If executed properly, video ads can drive massive levels of engagement and leads. In today’s article, we shall explain how to create video ads that get watched. According to Aaron Branch, these methods are tried and tested by the social media advertising guru. 

Create an Instantly Engaging Intro

In most cases, you only have a few seconds to hook a viewer. While online, your target viewers are often doing other things which interest them more, such as scrolling their feeds. When the video starts suddenly, most viewers will feel inconvenienced. To prove that your video deserves their attention, it needs to be dynamic and, most importantly, captivating. Make those first seconds worth their while. Whatever you display in that super brief time frame will determine whether your potential viewer will carry on watching the ad, hit ‘Skip Ad,’ or completely ignore you. 

Keep it Captivating

Once your viewer has your video message figured out, they will proceed to the next shiny object. Since the first few seconds cannot exhaust all you have to say, keeping your video as engaging and exciting to the end is important. If you entertain, inform or appeal to your viewer’s curiosity, the least they can do is watch through to see your closing pitch.   

Solve Your Customer’s Problem

Your video ads must address and solve a challenge for the target viewer. When designing the ad, ensure to identify your potential viewers’ actual pain points. What do they struggle with? How can you enhance their lives? Your video should communicate that you know and understand their struggle and you have a solution. All the while, stay creative and engaging. For instance, each year, Google speaks to users by highlighting the previous year’s top searches. In these videos, stories, movements and moments are shared. Emotions are roused, and with that, Google doesn’t need to remind you that it’s an information service; they highlight the impact of their service to the world.

The lesson here is not to state that you have a solution but how your solutions will solve your customer’s problems.

Stay On Brand

If you have already established a brand image, then your content, in this case, a video ad, must complement and correspond to that image. If you know your target audience and define your end goal, your content must appeal to that audience and fulfill your end goal while keeping your brand’s core values in mind. Customers become brand advocates and maintain loyalty because of its core values and the image it represents. Therefore, it’s important to create ads that stick to the actual reason and theme why people fell in love with your brand. 

For instance, Nike’s ads are often intriguing, inspirational, and high-end. They tell stories to push their brand and tying ad concepts to what they represent as a brand. 

Do Unto Others…

According to Aaron Branch, it’s always best to put yourself into your viewer’s shoes with ad campaigns. You have to add value, entertain, and be strategic by using captivating text, captions, hashtags, and easy-to-digest visuals if need be.

Finally, End With a Call to Action

The way you end your video is just as crucial as the start. Typically, viewers decide whether or not to engage you further at the end of your video. Many advertisers do this using a call to action, displaying their logo, etc.

For instance, I will end this article by asking you to head over to Social Agendas for more information on how Aaron Branch and his team can help your business fill your pipeline with quality leads. The ad agency helps you generate insatiable demand for your products or services through a unique & proven digital marketing process. Additionally, sign up for The Start and Scale Agency Program and learn how to leverage Social Media advertising to grow your business.


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