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“Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness” and Thailand is the world’s second-largest OEM manufacturer of food, health and beauty products, producing for a range of international brands. Today is an ecommerce platform by SCIC Tradex India Pvt Ltd which is a Premium brand in Thailand, and now they are ready to expand their business in India. They offer products for your health, food, personal, home, kids/children, lifestyle, kitchen, and entertainment care. is an e-Marketplace that promoted the best products from Thailand. These days, so many people emphasize natural and  gentle products for their skin. They take care of everything when it comes to their skin, and this is the reason why “” gives special attention when it comes to ingredients. And that’s a relief for many people who are so sensitive towards their skin.

When it comes to beauty, skincare, and cosmetics, it’s no secret that we face a lot of problem while picking one. As a new generation of consumers find their role in the marketplace, sustainability is at the top of their checklist. has set out to achieve a circular business model. team has set out to curate a skincare products that not only achieves circularity, but also is setting a new benchmark for the industry with packaging and ingredients. Every product is ethically sourced through partnerships with their supplier, who shares their commitment to sustainability and they provide detailed information about each product’s origin.

They say that ingredients play a major role while manufacturing any product, and Thai people use herbal products in their daily lives including herbs in their diet, treatment, health, and beauty. As per result also Thailand’s herbal sector has grown to a great extent. And according to their study not only Thailand people even Indians use herbal products, Millions of Indians use herbal regularly as health foods and also for home – remedies. After this study, they decided to expand their business in India, as their products are well manufactured according to Indian’s skin and lifestyle.

About Their Products

“Quality is remembered, long after the price is forgotten”, offers the best products for you some of their products are:-

  • Lexia Hydrating Moist Gel,

Benefits: –

  1. Retains and locks moisture upto 48 hours applying, just Once.
  2. Skin Does not Get Clogged
  • Lexia Whitening Cream ,

Benefits: –

  1. Adjust skin shade to one tone lighter
  2. Protects skin from sunlight and all pollution types
  • Lexia Complete Night Essence Serum,


  1. Reduces inflammations
  2. Tightens pores effectively
  3. Repairs damaged skin & reproduce new cells
  • Dora+ Verbena Lifting Serum


  1. Reduces fine lines on face, under-eye bags, cheeks & Tighten skin ·
  2. Safe for using below the eyes
  • Dora+ Ultimate Whitening,


  1. Reduces melasma, black spots, MSH without thinning the skin
  2. Feels firms right after use

Organ Face Serum &One O One Cap Ture Youth Serum. 

Every product is made with the best quality of natural ingredients, each product has its benefits. These products make your skin delicate and smooth; all of their products are made to protect your skin. These products are also available on Flipkart, Amazon, Meesho, India.

Goal of

Their goal is to provide the best quality of products to their customers. Indian people believe in natural and herbal products for their skin and brings “Life beyond Boundaries” to every person in India. They have a highly experienced team, and their focus is not only to provide the best quality of products but also the best support to their customers.

When we talk about the growth of “ they are doing a tremendous job, they are growing completely organically and also their customers are well satisfied with their products. Their loyalty toward customers is commendable.

Believes that “Satisfaction is a rating, Loyalty is a brand”.

Order your natural ingredients products from

Now and make your skin look healthy. Connect with them to know more about their products.

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