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“In the world of abundance, ask the right questions to find your answers in the heap of value,”

The concept of money in exchange for your efforts, time, expertise has been seeded since the time currencies were developed, if we take a step back and see, money is still a kind of value. Money became a metric of exchange and measurement. This concept of monetary benefit defeated all other methods of exchanges making it reign supreme. regardless of that, I thought why not establish a sort of organized barter system. Barter where you get value in exchange for the value you provide.

Now here I am not saying the money should be eliminated from the system, but some part of it can be replaced by a different kind of value. That value can be anything mentorship, network, time, education, etc. That kind of value will help you progress.
I look at such non-monetary values as investments, which I make for my future. As I slowly started transitioning from someone who just received value to someone who stated imparting it, I realized an important thing, “The method in which value is provided is as important as the value itself”
The most important life lessons are learned through experience and not just the theory that aids it. I started to see value as a thing that is experienced and not taught. If I sit and take a 3-hour long session on marketing and give out the best tips and tricks, and that value is not fully put to use till the time you experience its impact on your life.

The above example is an embodiment of the fact that the best kind of value is something that can impact your life.
I strongly believe in the saying” trust the process” because if you don’t trust the process you will not follow it and following the process that you have chosen must be your primary goal, successes being a mere side effect that comes along.

Now let me tell you the real problem with this whole value business, lack of good mentors, a place where you find like-minded people to discuss that value, lack of risk-takers, and people who think the box doesn’t exist.
Let me elaborate on the last line “box doesn’t exist”.We all have had the phrase “think out of the box” thrown at us on multiple occasions. This wild phrase made me think are people who think out of the box enough, are they the ones we are going to drive the change, are they going to be at the forefront.

The answer I stumbled upon, NO, for us to leap, a leap that will set new standers and normals, just thinking outside the box is not enough, we need to have candidates for whom the box does not even exist, who can survive the world, Not just the corporate world, the personal and the mental one as well.

I want to create a place, for such like-minded individual who not only breaks the box but also understand the importance of value that is going to help them, and following this will result be “successful person” according to the masses.


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