A Look At The Biography Of Mohammad Ali Soroury, A Successful Iranian Entrepreneur

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Mohammad Ali Soroury established the gold brand Sarwari in Iran and he is one of the most successful and reliable people in the gold market in his resume from his efforts between 1981-1983 a jewelry workshop was established in Istanbul, Turkey and this activity expanded with his family. and became a family business, and this success led to the biggest investment, as a result of which more than 40 active personnel and 100 direct and indirect people are working in our collection, and 4 active branches of the Sarvari brand under his supervision, in addition to The family is working.

Mohammad Ali Soroury says the following about the types of gold:

Different types of gold and their colors

Although the common color of gold is yellow, it is produced and supplied in different colors. The color of gold depends on the type of metal they are alloyed with. But before that, you should note that colored gold is as valuable as yellow gold and they are not different in terms of price. Their color difference is only due to the alloy mixed with gold.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the most common gold used in jewelry. It is necessary to know that although yellow gold is the same color as gold metal, their purity is not equal. Pure gold that exists in nature is very soft and is not a suitable option for jewelry making. Therefore, it is alloyed with other metals to increase the hardness of the product.

The purity of yellow gold that you see in stores can be determined by measuring it. The higher the gold grade, the less hard it is, but the more pure it is. That is, the golds that are of low quality are hard and stable, but the purity of their gold is less.

White gold

The most common alloy used in jewelry is white gold. To achieve this color, gold metal is alloyed with metals such as palladium or nickel. Of course, this composition still has a shade of yellow in it. In order to make the gold completely white and shiny, a layer of rhodium is applied to it. Since some people are allergic to nickel, instead of nickel, palladium (from the group of platinum metals) is used. Platinum is more expensive than nickel but is less likely to cause allergic reactions. If palladium is used in white gold, there is no need for rhodium plating because palladium gives a kind of gray color to the gold. Usually, when the rhodium coating is worn, the gold is seen as a dull yellow color.

White gold is sometimes made from the combination of gold with nickel, copper, and zinc. These metals give white color to gold. The price of white gold is not different from yellow gold and you can get it both in gold shops and online.

Rose Gold

They use copper metal to make rose gold. They alloy gold and copper and create this pink color. The more copper, the more rose gold it will be. This gold is also known as “red gold”. Of course, if less copper is used in its composition, the color of the alloy will be pink, which is also known as “pink gold”. Rose gold is more modern than today’s yellow and white gold, and you can buy it in jewelry stores. Its price is no different from yellow and white gold.

Black gold

Black gold is gold that has a layer of ruthenium coating on it to make it stronger. Of course, gold metal can be darkened in various ways. One of the most common methods is the use of black rhodium plating. Another way is to blacken the alloy under various chemical reactions. The color of other metals such as cobalt, copper, titanium or iron can also be blackened by heating and oxidizing. Another way to make black gold is to oxidize the metal and then add a rust or patina to the metal.

Green gold

This gold is obtained from the combination of silver and gold. There is no copper in the composition of this type of gold. Green gold is more unusual than other colors of gold and is often used to complement designs that have been used in gold. In some (very limited) cases, they also use cadmium. The green color of the gold alloy is not very intense and has more of a shade of green. Nowadays, many people use green gold for wedding rings. Since silver darkens over time, green gold that has silver in it will darken slightly over time.

Gray gold

This color of gold is the result of the combination of gold and palladium. They increase or decrease the amount of palladium to make the desired birch color. But this combination costs a lot. For this reason, silver, manganese, and copper compounds should be used instead of palladium to make this combination affordable.

Purple gold

To make gold purple, aluminum, indium, and pure gold (78.49% gold and the rest aluminum) are combined. Of course, purple gold is not very strong and strong due to its ingredients and may break easily. For this reason, it is usually used in winding designs along with stronger gold. Purple gold is fancier than other golds and has not yet made its way to gold shops as it should and maybe. However, you may find it in some jewelry stores or you can order it. It is usually used in making rings, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets along with other colored gold.

Blue gold

To make blue gold, pure gold is combined with indium (46.17% gold and 53.83% indium). But this gold is not as durable and resistant as purple gold. Another method of making blue gold is combining it with iron or rhodium. Then the alloy should be heated until the compound is oxidized and forms a blue layer.


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