A dynamic entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, Prajyot Poll is recognized as a top influential digital marketer by Forbes.

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Digital marketing and online business are the most trending topic amongst the people as the pandemic situation boosts the number of people involved in online business, entrepreneurship, freelancing, and many more. These people are bringing tremendously visible changes and the efforts they are putting in are just so remarkable. Among many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners joining the online platform every day, few can make remarkable profits out of it. One such personality is Mr. Prajyot Poll.

Founder and CEO of Absolute Outsourcing, this man is a very talented and professional entrepreneur, digital marketer, and a stunningly awesome motivational speaker. Having dealt with over 2200+ clients to date, Prajyot knows how to help someone build a profitable and highly efficient working business by applying highly effective and exact strategies. Even if you are starting your business or you are into freelancing and want to grow your work level or you want a business model to strengthen the already existing foundation of a business, Prajyot has every solution for you. Being a master of digital marketing, he knows well the perks of having skills that can be monetized for a hefty amount of money. Skills are the biggest assets and he is a person who can help you take your business or working level to the top. Also, he is a favorite among top industry leaders and is successfully maintaining the image of a successful entrepreneur and digital marketer.

He belongs to a very humble background. Although his family was not affluent enough, he worked hard to finish his LLB and then started his startup named “Absolute Outsourcing” which he wished to grow well with time. No doubt the dream came true and he was living a life he dreamt of. Apart from all of this, he is also a part of the Miss India contest. He motivates the young generation to take an interest in their passion and work for it. For his work in the digital industry, he is listed under Asia’s top 6 digital marketer by Forbes.

About Absolutely Outsourcing

Absolutely Outsourcing is an initiative to help people, businesses, and potential freelancers to connect and make the process of connection easy for people and has been actively working since 2012. The company is based in Chandigarh and its presence has further extended to the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Philippines. The company is working with a team of nearly 50 to 60 professionals. Every service offered by the company is carried out virtually. The company maintains an outstanding online presence and handles every business online, so we can say that the company is completely virtual-based. The company provides professional Paralegal service, digital marketing, and outsourcing services. The company is recognized by the summit of entrepreneurs for generating around $75,000. As we look back, we see an initiative that started with only 25,000 rupees turn into a massively successful venture.

Prajyot Poll is a man who strives for success and never stops for anything and the same spirit and enthusiasm are seen in the journey to success. You may contact the company for any kind of solution you want.


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