A Blue-Collar Job Background Gave Dr. Scott Young the Tools For Serious Success 

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With a flourishing practice in The Woodlands, TX, DDS Dr. Scott Young has performed over 25,000 dental restorations over 20 years. He specializes in porcelain smile makeovers and veneers, both of which are non-surgical options for a more beautiful smile. 

Cosmetic dentistry is not taught in traditional dental school curriculums. After earning a degree in Dentistry from the University of Texas at Houston, Dr. Young attended the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). This organization is considered the world’s preeminent cosmetic dentistry school, with less than 1% of all cosmetic dentists holding this honor.  

Dr. Young built his name and brand as an LVI graduate. The model was successful, and for the last fifteen years, patients have sought out this talented dentist to give them new smiles. Complemented with superior service and exceptional results, Dr. Young has established himself as a thought leader by offering the opposite effect of private equity groups. These groups buy as many dental offices as possible, leading to practices that focus solely on profits rather than customer experiences and top-quality labs and materials. 

In contrast, Dr. Young built his brand on the idea that patients want a five-star experience and are willing to pay more for such an experience. The gamble paid off as this dentist offers a unique blend of expertise, customer service, and natural results. To better serve his patients, Dr. Young believes in taking care of himself first to provide optimal care for others. He works four rather than five days a week and is motivated by loving what he does and the positive effect on people. While there is an immediate effect, this good doctor is even more delighted by the long-term increase in people’s self-confidence. 

A background in blue-collar jobs has helped shape Dr. Young’s work ethic. Working at an oil refinery cleaning up toxic materials and a stint at a local liquor store taught him the importance of building a solid work ethic and holding himself accountable on a job. This experience makes him even more of a thought leader in his beloved field of dentistry. 


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