A Blend of Complexity and Simplicity is Dominating the Trend in Luxury Watches per Belal Life

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A stylish watch adorning the wrist is one of the most luxurious accessories that can immediately make any ensemble look vogue. A timeless piece is an investment that can be passed on for generations, and businessowner Belal Shaher founded his venture, Belal Life, with this ambition. Here, the brand talks about their favourite trends for luxury watches in 2021.

1. Add a splash of color

Monochrome has been a classic approach for numerous luxury brands for decades now. Watch companies from Rolex and Richard Mille to Patek Phillipe and Richard Mille have perfected their designs, and the latest trend is adding a dash of pigment. A strip of coral red or brilliant blue along the band or a ring of emerald green can make the piece look royal and sought-after by all generations of buyers.

2. Mix metals

This trend has been around for a while, and Belal Life is convinced it is here to stay. Alternating hues of gold and silver makes the design universally flattering, and connoisseurs can pair these watches with varied looks, from business formal to smart casual. There is a large demand for the combined value of both gold and silver together.

3. Studded — inside and out

Bold is the trend best personified with a beautiful array of studs in and around the dial of a luxury watch. Diamonds and precious stones are stylishly added to complement the color and design of each watch while adding value to the investment. Stunning designs also include a sort-of floating look of stunning stones inside the glass layer.

4. Let the hands do the talking

A usually overlooked element of a wrist watch is the hands that glide seamlessly around the circle. They no longer have to be a straight line running across the dial, and adding flair to their design makes the style look more polished. Shehar explains, “Three-handers with an arc strike the perfect balance between complexity and simplicity.”

5. Bezels that stand out Bezels have undergone a ton of trial-and-error through the years, and today they come in all shapes and sizes. From Belal Life’s inventory, it is clear that hexagonal bezels are in high demand today. Rotating circular bezels with a sunburst dial also look equally stunning, and it ultimately comes down to the consumer’s personal preference

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