2 Indian food entrepreneurs on how to set up a successful business

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The real test is not whether you avoid this failure because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere and the same goes with friends cum business partners i.e. Vatsal Patel &Aumik Patel.

The engineering mind of both partners discovers an opportunity especially in Surat as the food industry is growing dramatically as compared to previous years. So, they lift a new concept in Surat where street food is so famous & decided to bring new flavors and new concepts to Surat i.e. Shakti – The Sandwich Shop. Careful planning and thoughtful execution led both the friends to establish one of the most reputed Shakti- The Sandwich Shop brands in Surat.

Both were just 23 years old and demonstrate no knowledge in this field even though they took this opportunity as they were so clear of their vision. Both Vatsal Patel &Aumik Patel seized their clean vision to not only leverage their inside talent as an entrepreneur but also to fulfill their lifelong dream of popularizing their community’s exquisite cuisine.

Vatsal&Aumik have had their fair share of challenges while running the business, yet their determination and flair for making sandwiches & pizzas have kept their forthcoming and to become one of the finest foodpreneurs in the city. They both are diligently working every day to promote the ready and packed meal business via strategic tie-ups with various enterprises.

About Shakti – The Sandwich Shop:

Shakti – The Sandwich Shop is not only about great food but it is about the service. Food at Shakti – The Sandwich Shop is served with love, warmth, and passion and both business partners work relentlessly hard every day to take the brand to new heights independently. Both foodpreneurs have taken the franchise of this brand &has grown it to next level.

Consistency in food quality is probably the single most important indicator of success for Vatsal Patel &Aumik Patel, whose sandwich shop’s loyal fan base is unparalleled. Asked about how they measure success, Vatsal Patel &Aumik Patel said they don’t think theirs is the business for food, but that of happiness. Both are exemplary in the hoagie opening and are constantly striving to promote individuality through their mouth-watering flavors.

Sooner or later, both friends are planning to setup 5 franchises in Surat, where they are selling Surat’s best sandwiches and pizza at the rate of street food. Both friends also encourage the unemployed people to start up their own businesses just by learning the hard way. Being a true selfless entrepreneur, both partners are an icon of simplicity and humbleness, certainly an inspiring character to look up to.

Advice to Restaurants/Small Cafeterias/Shops/Street Food Stalls:

Your street food menu is perhaps the most important factor of your food business success, so before you make the leap and invest in your equipment, it’s crucial that you think about what food you’re going to serve.

So, satisfy your snack attack just visiting our Shakti – The Sandwich Shop in Surat.

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