$10K in 3 hours: the Etherea App is Taking the World by Storm

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In a remarkable display of public support, Celina Mankarios, the dynamic CEO of Etherea and Miss World International Canada, is riding a wave of success. Her brainchild, the Etherea app, has not only garnered $10,000 in just three hours on Kickstarter but has also secured partnerships with influential figures, signaling a transformative journey towards personal development and global citizenship.

Celina Mankarios, a force in humanitarian and environmental causes, has spent over eight years dedicated to leading global youth in fundraising efforts for critical issues. Recognized with accolades like the Diana Award and Miss Teen Universe Humanitarian Award, Mankarios’s journey has culminated in the creation of Etherea—a visionary app with the power to reshape the world.

Recognizing financial constraints and time limitations as barriers for youth mobilization, Mankarios envisioned an app that transcends passive awareness and engages users in active solutions. Etherea has become a bridge between good intentions and meaningful actions, inspiring personal growth while addressing global challenges.

The app offers users twelve 30-day challenges, providing a unique blend of personal growth missions and initiatives to address pressing global issues. From animated educational worlds to international mega challenges, Etherea ensures that each user actively contributes to making a positive impact.

Furthermore, Etherea’s content is crafted by global leaders and ivy-league professors who synthesize high-level research into accessible content. The app collaborates with over 180 award-winning Etherea youth ambassadors representing almost every country in the world, ethical small businesses, researchers, and psychologists. These partnerships bring unique stories and expertise to the forefront, amplifying the voices of individuals who are addressing challenges in their respective communities.

To propel Etherea into reality, Celina and her team have initiated a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $165,000. The rapid achievement of their initial funding goal underscores the global enthusiasm for Etherea’s mission. They have since raised more than $170k in investments from investors and are continuing to partner with brilliant minds from across the globe to craft an indispensable education tool for the next generation.

Celina Mankarios and her team invite individuals worldwide to embrace personal growth, contribute to global solutions, and be part of a transformative journey. As the Kickstarter campaign gains momentum, now is the time to join hands and be part of the Etherea revolution.


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