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Suspicious White Substance Found in White House during Biden’s Absence Identified as Cocaine

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In a concerning incident, a suspicious white substance discovered at the White House over the weekend has been identified as cocaine, according to reports from various media outlets. Secret Service agents found the powder in a publicly accessible area of the West Wing Sunday evening, triggering a brief evacuation of the complex. President Joe Biden was not present at the time as he was spending the weekend at Camp David. 

Upon the discovery, fire and emergency service personnel arrived at the scene to conduct immediate testing on the substance. Preliminary examinations revealed that the powder was indeed cocaine. The White House was subsequently reopened, and the substance was sent for further testing.

While the Secret Service has not disclosed the nature of the item found, it has confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine how it entered the White House.

“The item was sent for further evaluation, and an investigation into the cause and manner of how it entered the White House is pending,” stated the Secret Service in a released statement.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, multiple media outlets, citing government sources, have reported that the substance was cocaine. The Washington Post even mentioned a radio dispatch from a firefighter with the DC department’s hazardous materials team, who communicated the results of the tested powder, revealing it to be cocaine hydrochloride.

The area where the cocaine was discovered is regularly accessed by tour groups. The West Wing, which is connected to the president’s residence, is home to various important rooms and offices, including the Oval Office, the Cabinet Room, and the Press Room, as well as workplaces for the president’s staff members.

With hundreds of people frequently visiting or working in the area, the incident raises concerns about security and access control within the White House premises.

President Biden and his family had been away at Camp David since Friday and returned to the White House on Tuesday. The president had planned to address a national teachers’ union and host a barbecue to celebrate Independence Day.

The Secret Service, responsible for the president’s security, temporarily closed the White House to facilitate the investigation into the substance. The District of Columbia Fire Department assisted in evaluating the substance and determined it to be non-hazardous after an initial examination.

Further tests will be conducted on the substance to gather additional information and assist in the ongoing investigation. The White House has not yet issued an official comment regarding the incident.

The discovery of cocaine within the White House raises serious questions about the security protocols in place and the potential vulnerabilities that may exist. As authorities continue their investigation, ensuring the safety and integrity of one of the most important symbols of American democracy remains paramount.


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