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Why Is Shakira Facing a Second Tax-Fraud Investigation in Spain?

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An investigating magistrate in the Barcelona suburb of Esplugues de Llobregat has launched a new investigation based on a complaint filed by prosecutors against Shakira for two alleged counts of tax fraud in 2018, as confirmed by the Higher Court of Justice of Catalonia press office. The Colombian-born singer, who now resides in Miami, is already awaiting trial for alleged tax evasion amounting to $16.2 million for the years 2012, 2013, and 2014. In a previous ruling, a judge near Barcelona had found sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial for her alleged tax evasion during those three years. The new investigation delves into additional potential tax fraud in 2018.

Shakira’s legal team has repeatedly denied the charges, stating that the singer has always acted in compliance with the law, guided by top tax experts. As of now, she has not been formally notified about the latest investigation and expects any communication to be conducted at her Miami residence.

The prior ruling claimed that Shakira spent more than 200 days each year in Spain during 2012-2014, making her liable to pay taxes in the country. However, her team argued that her primary residence was in the Bahamas. Local media had reported that she also had a home in the Barcelona area with her former partner, Gerard Piqué, the former FC Barcelona football defender. The couple, who have two children together, announced their split in June 2022.

The judge’s earlier ruling suggested that Shakira and a financial adviser utilized companies in offshore tax havens to obscure the sources of her income during the investigated years. The second investigation now adds to the legal complexities for the renowned singer, who continues to maintain her innocence amidst the ongoing tax fraud allegations.

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