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Police Halt Elon Musk’s Ambitious Twitter Rebrand Efforts

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Elon Musk’s ambitious drive to rebrand Twitter as ‘X’ hit a roadblock when local authorities intervened to stop the removal of the old name from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. On Monday, workers were seen removing the initial letters of ‘Twitter’ from the sign before the local police department intervened, citing the removal as ‘unauthorized work.’

According to the police, Twitter had failed to communicate its plans to remove the sign to the building’s owner and security personnel, leading to confusion and the subsequent police call. However, after further investigation, authorities determined that no crime had been committed. The initial removal left only the blue bird logo and the letters “er” on one side of the sign.

Elon Musk announced the rebranding on Sunday, introducing an ‘X’ as Twitter’s new logo, which he said would eventually replace the distinctive bird logo. He renamed conference rooms at the headquarters to incorporate the letter ‘X,’ with one room now called “s3xy” and another named “eXposure.” A photo shared by Musk showed the new “X” logo being projected onto Twitter’s headquarters.

The logo design was crowdsourced, with Musk appealing to his millions of followers for submissions. The chosen design, shared by Twitter user Sawyer Merritt, co-founder of a sustainable clothing business, was previously used for a discontinued podcast. Musk’s decision to rename the social media giant ‘X’ marks the latest and most controversial change he has introduced since acquiring Twitter for $44 billion last year.

Linda Yaccarino, Twitter’s appointed chief executive since May, expressed excitement about the rebranding, calling it an opportunity for Twitter to make another big impression on the world and transform the global town square.

Despite the initial hiccup with the sign removal, Musk remains determined to see the rebranding through, and the Twitter community awaits the full implementation of the ‘X’ identity across the platform.

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