Vince Tome

31 | Designer | USA

Vincent Michael Tome is a world-famous designer at the forefront of the global fashion landscape who’s leaving an indelible mark on the industry with his avant-garde creations. Renowned for his visionary designs encompassing luxury watches, accessories, and high-end furniture, Vince has achieved worldwide acclaim for his distinct blend of modern and minimalistic aesthetics.

The visionary behind Vincénzö Collections and D&V Customs LLC, Vince’s creative genius is popular with a diverse clientele that includes public figures, celebrities, and sports icons. Vincénzö Collection is an unparalleled brand of luxury watches and accessories tailored for the modern hustler. With offerings ranging from watches to jewelry, wallets, and sunglasses, Vince’s designs resonate with his ethos of functionality intertwined with sophistication. His innovative approach to design has garnered numerous accolades and awards.

Vince Tome embodies the essence of modern design, where luxury harmoniously intersects with simplicity. Besides his entrepreneurial pursuits, he also hosts a popular podcast called “Art of Thinking.”