Vicente Zavarce

28 | Entrepreneur | USA

Vicente Zavarce is a Venezuelan-born American entrepreneur revolutionizing the on-demand delivery and e-commerce industries. He is the founder and CEO of Yummy, a leading super app offering food delivery, groceries, ridesharing, shopping, and more.

Vicente founded Yummy in 2020 as the first food delivery app in Venezuela, a country facing a severe economic and humanitarian crisis. Despite several challenges, he managed to grow the company into a $204 million brand operating in four countries, having four million registered users, completing 800,000 orders a month, and having 15,000 plus gig economy workers registered. Yummy raised $84 million in funding from Y Combinator and Anthos Capital, among other venture groups, and it booked $2.1 million in revenue in 2020.

Vicente holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and entrepreneurship from Northeastern University. He is also a partner at Epakon Capital, an early-stage venture firm that invests in software companies across industries. Vicente is driven by his vision of using technology to create more accessible and affordable services for millions of people in emerging markets.