Steven Vasilev

23 | Entrepreneur | USA

Steven Vasilev, also known as Zaptio, is a creative entrepreneur and metaverse pioneer who is the co-founder of RTFKT, a company creating digital clothing and sneakers for the virtual world.

Vasilev started RTFKT in 2020 with his partners Benoit Pagotto and Chris Le after working as a custom sneaker designer for celebrities. He saw the potential of digital assets as a new form of expression and status for Gen Z.

RTFKT combines cutting-edge technology, gaming culture, and fashion to produce stunning and unique digital creations. The company has collaborated with several top artists, influencers, and brands such as FEWOCiOUS, Paris Hilton, and Adidas.

Vasilev’s vision is to create a brand that transcends the physical and digital realms and empowers people to express themselves in new and exciting ways. He is also a passionate curator and investor, supporting other visionary projects in the Web3 space.