Rebekka Degtyareva

29 | Web3 Entrepreneur | USA

Rebekka Degtyareva is the COO of Omni X, leading the team behind the first omnichain NFT platform powered by LayerZero. Prior to this, she co-founded AlphaGrowth, a web3 growth agency and grant platform.

Rebekka’s vast experience in the industry includes working with leading crypto protocols such as NEAR, where her team led the e-Marketing hackathon and contributed to marketing during NEAR Hacker House Miami. She also played a pivotal role at Aurora and Kava EVM ecosystems, spearheading BizDev teams for their grants programs, resulting in over 100 DeFi and NFTFi DApps securing grant funding.

Notably, Rebekka is also an ambassador for Women in Blockchain Miami, passionately championing gender diversity and inclusivity within the blockchain community.

Prior to crypto, Rebekka was actively involved in Toronto’s art scene, working at commercial galleries and arts institutions.