Rakesh Datta

38 | Network Security Expert | USA

Rakesh Datta, an Engineering Leader at Microsoft and esteemed Network Security and Observability Expert, is an embodiment of exceptional talent and determination, who made it to Silicon Valley from a small town in India.

At Microsoft, Rakesh’s brilliance as a key mastermind behind various networking solutions is evident, with his recent contributions to the launch of Microsoft’s SASE/ZTNA suite gaining attention. His expertise spans multiple domains, leaving an indelible mark on critical sectors like public cloud, satellite internet, data center networking, and radio communication for the Department of Defense. Notably, his brainchild, P4Guard, secured funding from the esteemed NSF.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rakesh passionately advocates for the future of network security, making him a sought-after public speaker at numerous conferences. He also mentors underprivileged students and serves as a Guest Lecturer at San Jose State University.

In 2023, Rakesh received the prestigious Indian Achiever Award for his outstanding achievements within the International Indian diaspora, and he is among the select few Indian immigrants to be featured in Facebook’s Whitehat Hall of Fame.