Paul James

35 | Entrepreneur | USA

Paul James is a visionary leader at the forefront of internet marketing, earning his deserved spot on this list. With an innate desire to challenge the status quo, Paul has carved a niche as an influential figure among the new generation of digital entrepreneurs.

Having once graced the stage as a professional musician, Paul swiftly recognized the immense potential of social media to foster a devoted community.

Paul founded DialHawk, a trailblazing software company, where he expertly combined innovation and technology to empower businesses to amplify their client base. He also leveraged his experience and expertise in SEO strategies to breathe new life into local enterprises, helping them thrive in the digital landscape.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Paul’s passion for sharing knowledge is evident through his online training courses, which have been a lifeline for numerous subscribers seeking flexible work and financial freedom. Moreover, he is a #1 bestselling author and successful influencer with over 500K combined subscribers on YouTube and Instagram.