Patrick Frank

31 | Entrepreneur | USA

Patrick Frank is a visionary entrepreneur and leader passionate about positively impacting the healthcare industry. As the COO of PatientPartner, Patrick has dedicated himself to transforming how patients experience medical procedures. With an extensive background in healthcare and technology, Patrick saw an opportunity to improve patient outcomes by addressing the emotional and supportive aspects of medical journeys.

Through his expertise and dedication, Patrick has cultivated a network of over 100 HealthConnect Mentors—individuals who have personally undergone medical procedures and are eager to share their experiences to help others facing similar challenges. This network, combined with Patrick’s leadership, has garnered praise and recognition from industry leaders, positioning PatientPartner as a pioneer in patient-centered care.

Patrick’s accomplishments have earned him accolades in esteemed publications such as Forbes 30 Under 30, and Inc. He contributes his insights to the industry by regularly writing for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, sharing his expertise on topics ranging from patient care to healthcare innovation. Patrick also co-founded 2 businesses, Float Factory and Buff Boy, where his entrepreneurial spirit dominates in providing groundbreaking consumer products.