Kimiloluwa Fafowora

26 | Entrepreneur | USA

Kimiloluwa Fafowora is the founder and CEO of Gander, a startup helping online shoppers discover and buy products through user-generated videos. She is a visionary entrepreneur passionate about empowering diverse voices and creating authentic connections in e-commerce.

Kimi launched Gander in 2020 after noticing a gap in the online shopping experience. She realized that shoppers wanted to see how products looked and felt on real people, not just models or influencers. She also saw an opportunity to leverage the power of video content, which was growing rapidly on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Gander works with brands to display user-generated videos on their websites so shoppers can visualize products used by a variety of people in real life. The videos are sourced from Gander’s community of creators, who earn rewards for sharing their honest opinions and tips. Gander also uses AI to match shoppers with relevant videos based on their preferences and behavior.

Under Kimi’s leadership, Gander has partnered with over 50 brands and has generated over 10 million video views and a 20% conversion lift for its clients. Kimi is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech and mentors young women and people of color who want to pursue careers in STEM.