J.R. Bissell

32 | Entrepreneur | USA

J.R. Bissell is a visionary entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Pirate Gold Coins, a pioneering online platform that brings the allure of pirate-era shipwreck treasure to the modern world. J.R.’s fascination with the “pirate’s life” was ignited during his formative years amidst the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, ultimately steering him towards a remarkable destiny.

Under J.R.’s dynamic leadership, Pirate Gold Coins has evolved into a captivating quasi-museum and digital storefront, offering an unparalleled collection of pirate-era shipwreck treasures, Egyptian artifacts, meteors, fine art, and even dinosaur fossils. His innovative approach has redefined the way enthusiasts interact with history, allowing them to explore and purchase exquisite items from the comfort of their homes.

Beyond his captivating pirate treasures, J.R.’s audacious vision has led him to diversify across multiple realms, from listing the world’s only baby T-rex for $3 million to captivating global attention with meteoric impact in major news publications. J.R. Bissell’s unwavering commitment to preserving history while revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape has firmly established him as an exceptional figure in the business world, with an extraordinary journey that continues to capture imaginations worldwide.