James Connolly

29 | Entrepreneur | USA

Arslan Sadiq is a dynamic force driving change across multiple domains. As the Founder & CEO of Global Hosting Service, he’s redefining the digital landscape with his innovative approach. An astute entrepreneur, influencer, and blogger, Arslan’s presence resonates across social media platforms, making him a prominent voice in the digital sphere.

Arslan’s versatility extends to the editorial world as Editor-in-chief of The Post Pakistan, where he shapes narratives that matter. His unparalleled expertise as a Digital Media Consultant for top-tier brands, including Agency21 International, Graana, and Amazon Mall, showcases his knack for delivering impactful results.

Arslan also spearheads the Youth Activism movement in his country, uniting over 200 youth organizations. He’s the driving force behind Pakistan’s largest IT Group, Pakistan Bloggers Group, and serves as Patron in Chief of the Global Youth Association. With extensive involvement in social causes, Arslan’s impact is profound. His social media prowess, vast followership, and trailblazing initiatives solidify his position as a transformative leader, making waves both online and offline.