Eva Gartner

32 | Crypto Expert | Slovenia

Eva Gartner is a trailblazing leader in the crypto industry, currently serving as the Global Head of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development at Bitstamp Group. With a remarkable experience of six years in the crypto space, Eva has been a driving force behind the growth and transformation of businesses within the sector.

Eva spearheaded the Business Intelligence team’s development at Bitstamp and played a crucial role in the sales process in 2018 – one of the first bigger transactions in the crypto space. She has also been a driving force behind the formulation of BitStamp’s group strategy on three separate occasions and was instrumental in the establishment of the Corporate Development team.

Prior to entering the crypto world, Eva demonstrated her financial and business acumen at prestigious firms like PwC and EY. With a background in financial mathematics, Eva is a staunch advocate for the tokenization of assets.

Beyond her professional achievements, Eva is deeply committed to promoting healthy living and products that enhance people’s quality of life.