Dipika + Ektaa + Divya

35, 32, 35 | Entrepreneurs | India

Dipika Israni-Panjabi, Ektaa Bahirwani, and Divya Israni-Parekh are the brilliant minds behind DI Public Relations (DIPR), a trailblazing PR agency from India redefining the fashion landscape through captivating storytelling and brand building. With a focus on nurturing smaller brands and amplifying their distinctive narratives, DIPR, founded by the visionary Dipika, flourished further with the addition of the dynamic duo of Divya & Ektaa, culminating in a remarkable journey of passion, creativity, and success.

Together, these three powerful women bring a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience from various facets of the fashion industry to reshape the perception and celebration of fashion brands throughout India. With them at the helm, DIPR demonstrated unwavering resilience and adaptability during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Embracing the spirit of innovation, they ventured into uncharted territory with the launch of “THE SHOWROOM,” a curated pop-up in Dubai that added a new dimension to their endeavors.

Over the past decade, DIPR has consistently secured extensive media coverage for the brands they proudly represent. Their exceptional ability to craft engaging stories and foster meaningful connections with media partners and influencers has catapulted their clients to the forefront of the fashion industry.