Brandon Li and Bask Gill

29 & 28 | Entrepreneurs | USA

Brandon Li and Michael “Bask” Gill are the co-founders of Power, a platform connecting patients to academic researchers and clinical trials for new treatments. They are on a mission to democratize access to medical research for all patients, especially the underrepresented and the underserved.

Bask and Brandon met at Stanford University, where they both studied computer science and engineering. They bonded over their passion for building and scaling marketplace businesses, as well as their personal experiences with the challenges of finding and accessing cutting-edge therapies for their loved ones.

Before creating Power, the duo launched Setter, a virtual home checkup company that was acquired by Thumbtack in 2021. They also worked at companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Stripe, where they gained valuable insights into product development, user experience, and growth strategies.

With Power, Bask and Brandon aim to bridge the gap between patients and researchers. Since its launch in May 2021, Power has attracted over 500,000 users and connected them with 5,000 trials across the US and Canada.