Alex Andryunin

24, Entrepreneur & Crypto Expert | Germany

Alex Andryunin is a visionary in the cryptocurrency and finance world. He embraced the potential of crypto at the early age of 18 to ignite a journey that would lead him to the pinnacle of success.

As the CEO and Founder of Gotbit Hedge Fund, Alex has led his team to unparalleled growth, transforming the company into a global powerhouse. Under him, Gotbit flourished into a prominent force in the industry with over 150 dedicated professionals across six international offices. With an impressive $1.3 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM), the company’s accomplishments under Alex’s stewardship have been nothing short of remarkable. In 2022 alone, he helped clients generate a staggering $170 million in profits.

Alex Andryunin’s journey from a young crypto enthusiast to the helm of a globally renowned hedge fund exemplifies his dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to reshaping the financial landscape.